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Jim Dahlberg - HAWAII REAL ESTATE AGENT Real Estate Broker and Buyer's Agent Representative, Big Island Hawaii in Kailua-Kona



My name is Jim Dahlberg, and I enjoy serving all kinds of people in many different ways. 

I was born and raised in Hilo Hawaii. I cannot express how much I loved growing up here on the Big Island and I had some of the best values taught and demonstrated to me from wonderful parents. 

For “high school” I attended Hawai Preparatory Academy (H.P.A.), again great memories of not only school but the wonderful area of Waimea.Then for “college” I left Hawaii briefly and received a Bachelor of Arts degree and also a Bachelor of Science degree from Ripon College in Wisconsin. 

I came back to my home in Hawaii and have always been very hard working and got involved with many jobs and ventures. I received my real estate salesman’s license in 1971 and then worked hard to achieve my State of Hawaii Broker’s license in 1973. Prior to the boom I was already planted and well established in the Big Island Hawaii real estate market offering experience in well versed markets and trends. 


realtor real estate agent Kailua-Kona I’ve been in real estate for 43+ years now! My specialty in real estate is as the “buyer’s broker”. Most everyone who has not been under a rock knows, we have been in a “BUYER’S MARKET” for some years now and likely will for some years — so my word to you is it’s an absolutely GREAT time to buy. 

I have access to very experienced staff with access to wholesale contract rates — highly recommended by Pauline Frommer in Frommer’s Guide to the Big Island, among others. I regularly book airfares, rental cars, tours, arrange catering for big venues, place weddings, arrange for deep sea fishing trips, excursions to our live volcano, luaus, — you name it. 

I have been involved in many businesses on the Big Island of Hawaii and even several in Thailand. 

I keep busy also with managing, advertising/promoting and keeping tenants or guests booked, then cleaning and maintaining properties for long term and shorter term vacation rentals for property owners. In more than one case I sold the property to the owners and we maintain an excellent business balance year after year! 

Several things I believe in are long term relationships (I’d rather keep your friendship than sacrifice it for profit); in business contracts that are beneficial to both sides (where each party gets good terms); and I also believe that our attitudes in life can make a big difference — that’s why one of my favorite sayings is:

"The Cup is Always Overflowing!"


I am extremely humble and thankful for all the great folks and MANY true “bruddahs” (friends) who’ve remained in touch with me over all the years. 

I am SO PROUD for ALL my great kids, out making their own destinies — and now making new generations as my great grandkids appear! 

Life has been fruitful and kind to me, I feel fortunate and blessed, and I love when I can “pay it forward” — to be able to reach out, share & actually help others with the experience I’ve earned and the knowledge I’ve gained. 

I’d love to hear from you personally — give me a call, shoot me an email — to “Talk Story”!

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